Eve's Fancy Trip

Eve's Fancy Trip

“This prize money will give me the opportunity to return back to Australia and finish the road-tripping adventure that got cut short. I have always wanted to rent a vintage car and drive down the stunning Great Ocean Road”.

This is the story of Eve, the headline prize winner of £5,000 last October

Eve grew up in Brighton and is currently a student living in Bath, studying Natural Sciences. She stumbled upon the PrizeSaver credit union account when she was looking to get into a better habit of saving. Eve was attracted to the credit union when she saw the community focus on young adults, not just the excitement of the draw!

“I was drawn to the East Sussex Credit Union due to its community focus. Especially for young people like me who maybe haven’t got into a routine of saving regularly”.

The PrizeSaver account is a great incentive because you have the excitement each month in seeing if you have been lucky”.

Before the pandemic, Eve was on a road trip around Australia, she wasn’t able to finish her holiday as it got cut short – this meant she returned home. She plans to use the £5,000 to fly back out to Sydney, hire out a vintage car and drive down the stunning Great Ocean Road.

In our interview, Eve went onto share that she is grateful to have won and how this will encourage her to keep on saving for her future. She also commented, “My dad is always right when he taught me patience is a virtue.