Gemma's Gesture

Gemma's Gesture

“I am happy to donate £1,000 of my winnings to others who need things more than I do”.

This is the story of Gemma, a member of Lewisham Plus Credit Union, who recently won the headline prize of £5,000 and donated £1,000 to St. Edward’s Church, a local foodbank.

At the start of the Pandemic, Gemma’s employer gave her a 10% pay cut – this meant she has become careful of her spending. Opening a PrizeSaver account for Gemma meant she had an extra place to save in case of emergencies.

“The savings account means I now have money to dip into for emergencies. I had to take a 10% pay cut at the beginning of the pandemic and had to tighten the belt!”

But in March 2021, she won £5,000 for saving in the account!

With her winnings, Gemma decided to donate £1,000 to St. Edward’s Church foodbank. The foodbank has played a vital part in providing support to locals across Lewisham and Bromley through the pandemic. Her donation will help St. Edwards provide more delivered meals across the area and continue to support those in need.

With the additional money, Gemma plans to pay off some of her debts, treat herself to some online shopping and continue life as usual.

“The additional money will allow me to pay some of the credit debts I have accumulated over the past year, whilst trying to keep all afloat whilst paying the additional premiums of shopping online”.

What a wonderful gesture from Gemma, especially considering the current climate. It’s these values – of community and cooperation – that we as credit unions stand for.